The removal of micro pollutants

Innovative solutions for decentralised water purification based upon state-of-the-art technology

The removal of micro pollutants

These are substances that have a negative effect on the environment and organisms. Much research is devoted to the topic of micro pollutants in Europe and Scandinavia. We witness that legislation, which specifically addresses micro pollutants removal/reduction, is taking shape and form in some countries already.

The removal of micro pollutants involves the identification of the water complexity and the selection of major substances that require a high removal rate. Such a priority list can be standardized on a national level (for example in Switzerland,) whereas elsewhere the list of substances may be more localised. Currently there are 100.000 chemicals in the EU registry.

Specialized solutions

Removal can take place at the point source of pollution for example at a hospital or at a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s plant. It is also possible to remove these micro pollutants from a municipal wastewater treatment plant, as a polishing step.

Blubell Water Solutions specialises in solutions for micro pollutants removal including micro plastics and pharmaceutical residues. Please contact us here with your query.

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