Optimized water treatment

Key Features

  • All inclusive service agreement
  • Cost-optimze your proess line
  • Reuse of proces water
  • Non-sensitive to fluctuations in feed water
  • Troublefree start/ stop operation
  • Reduce environmental impact

Innovative solutions for decentralised water purification based upon state-of-the-art technology

Optimized water treatment

The majority of the waste water from industry has traditionally been transported for treatment at a public waste water treatment plant, however the increased emphasis on optimizing operations as well as increasing discharge fees has led to more and more companies insourcing the task of purifying their waste water, either in full or in parts. If the purified waste water can be reused in the process, it will create a special economic benefit.

Specialized solutions

At Blubell Water Solutions, we have specialized in solutions that accommodate this. Different designs of solutions are available, depending on the application, but all leads to the same triple value propositions for the user:

  • Use less water
  • Save energy
  • Produce less waste water

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